About NTEA

The North Thurston Education Association has more than 900 members who are certificated staff in the North Thurston Public Schools. NTEA also represents substitutes and the Athletics / Activities Co-curricular positions.

There are eight elected officers, and seven appointed chairpersons who serve as members.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the NTEA is to serve as an instrument through which individual members obtain and utilize the individual and collective power they need to control their work environment, including appropriate compensation, and to use this power to support the professional education community and enhance public education.


The NTEA shall be a member advocate association and shall develop and maintain association strength and security in working towards the following goals:

  •     Involvement of the total NTEA membership;
  •     Effective communication among all stakeholders; and
  •     Advocate for the personal and professional well being of all members

Representative Council

The decision making body of the Association is the Representative Council. The Representative Council consists of the elected officers, appointed committee chairpersons and representatives from each building.

Each building or worksite may have one representative for each fifty NTEA members (or major fraction thereof).

The Representative Council normally meets on a Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. The meetings are open to all members and are usually held at the District Office.