NTEA FAQ About Collective Bargaining

After many years of service, we had a few members resign form the NTEA Bargaining Team at the conclusion of last year’s negotiation on the 2021-22 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). We will be searching for members not only to replace those who resigned, but also to expand the team a bit. There is a WEA Bargaining 101 (light) training on October 7 from 5PM to 6:30PM that will familiarize members with bargaining.

Bargaining 101: The nuts and bolts of how negotiations work.

Have you ever wondered what happens at a bargaining table? Have you been recently approached to be on a bargaining team but are unclear what that might mean? Then this introductory session is a great opportunity for you to learn how bargaining works.

Collective bargaining is how workers have an equal voice with management to establish the working conditions and pay for employees. In this introductory session we will review collective bargaining rights under the law, the conditions that can be controlled through your contract, and how you and your local can build the strength to be successful at the table.

Bargaining 101 is an introduction and overview and not intended to replace the Bargaining 1 beginning skills session.

All RSVPs should be sent to Tracie Clark, by October 1. Questions can be sent to Jedd Rivera,

Until we have an identified Lead Bargainer, please address your question(s) or issues to a member of the NTEA Executive Board.

Your Bargaining Team

Anna Conner

Gordon Quinlan

Brandon D’Arcangelo

Jedd Rivera, WEA Chinook

Ray Nelson – Ex Officio member