08.01.22 NTEA Update

June 9 GMM Report Final

NTEA FAQ About Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is how workers have an equal voice with management to establish the working conditions and pay for employees. In this introductory session we will review collective bargaining rights under the law, the conditions that can be controlled through your contract, and how you and your local can build the strength to be successful at the table.

Your Bargaining Team

Brandon D’Arcangelo, Chinook Middle School

Anna Conner, North Thurston High School

Gordon Quinlin, Pleasant Glade Elementary School

Katie Baydo-Reed, Komachin Middle School

Allineice Andino, Timberline High School

Andrew Stacey, Timberline High School

Lisa Hanauer-Sutton, Nisqually Middle School

Amanda Ervin, Evergreen Forest Elementary School

Kim Hecimovich, Meadows Elementary School

Kelly Morgan, Mountain View Elementary School

Chad Bishop, WEA Chinook