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 WEA Chinook UniServ Council – The WEA Regional Program

NTEA is supported by the state affiliate at the District level. The District level support is provided by The WEA Chinook UniServ Council (WEAC).

NTEA is a member of the WEA Chinook Council which represents almost 5000 members from 46 local associations. Geographically, this council stretches from the Pacific Ocean to Mount Rainier and south to Chehalis.

The president of the WEA Chinook is Kathy Axtell. NTEA’s UniServ Director is Jill Van Glubt. NTEA Officers, Committee Chairs and Linda Cooper, who was elected NTEA UniServ Representative, serve as members of the WEA Chinook’s Representative Council. NTEA Representatives attend monthly council meetings and report back to the NTEA Representative Council.

The WEA Chinook office is located at 5220 Capital Blvd., Tumwater, WA.

WEA Chinook

Washington Education Association

NTEA is affiliated, at the state level, with the Washington Education Association, an organization of approximately 77,000 members. The president of WEA is Kim Mead.

NTEA and the WEA Chinook UniServ Council are represented on the WEA Board of Directors by five members elected from the WEA Chinook UniServ Council: Christyna Paris, Tim Voie, Nancy Herzog, Cathy Smith, and Kathie Axtell.

The central WEA office is located at 33434 Eighth Avenue South in Federal Way. WEA’s mailing address is P.O. Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100. The toll free phone number is 1-800-622-3393.


National Education Association

NTEA is affiliated, at the national level, with the National Education Association. The NEA has nearly two million members.

The NEA Representative Assembly is the policy-making body of the NEA and meets annually in early July. Between NEA Representative Assembly Meetings, the business of the NEA is conducted by the NEA Executive Committee and the NEA Board of Directors.

The NEA Executive Committee consists of the president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and six members.

The NEA Board of Directors consists of 174 members. Washington State has six elected NEA Directors: Marguerite Jones, Bill Lyne, Stephen Miller, Patrick Nicholson, Antoinette Felder, and Ted Raihl.  The president of NEA is Lily Eskelsen Garcia.

NEA Headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.


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