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Your Dues Working For You

Each of us pays a substantial amount for dues, and it is important to know that they are making a positive difference in our professional lives. I want to share with you just how these dues are spent at all levels of the Association.

At the NEA level your dues are spent as follows:

  • Advocating factors critical to improving student readiness and achievement – 2.3%
  • Advocating for the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers in every classroom – 1.9%
  • Providing assistance for schools’ reform efforts – 2%
  • Educational Support Personnel issues – 0.3%
  • Advocating for safe schools – 0.7%
  • Advocating for increased state and federal funding for school construction – 1%
  • Establishing partnerships in support of quality public schools – 2.3%
  • Building bipartisan support for public education – 6%
  • Establishing a clear public image of NEA as an effective, responsible advocate for public school quality – 3.2%
  • Providing systems and strategies for recruiting and maintaining members in all categories – 0.7%
  • Providing UniServ support, training, and technical and financial support directly to state and local associations and members – 37.4%
  • Pro-actively addressing anti-public education initiatives such as vouchers, unregulated charters and corporate takeovers – 1.2%
  • Expanding and maintaining advocacy systems for members, states, and local affiliates, including legal reimbursement programs that protect and enforce the rights of members – 18.8%
  • Supporting increased participation in pro-public education coalitions – 6%
  • Producing communication vehicles for NEA members, affiliate leaders and the public that provide a common understanding of Association priorities and easy access to information – 7%
  • Implementing a governance process that fosters member participation and democratic decision making – 7%
  • Providing funding for the growth of the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education Endowment Fund – 9%
  • Maintaining a contingency fund to meet emergencies and unforeseen crises at the national, state and local levels – 1.3%

At the NTEA level your dues are spent as follows:

  • Management 28% – This area includes building maintenance, mortgage, equipment, supplies, materials and staff.
  • Local and Member Advocacy 58% – This area includes coordinated bargaining, contract administration, grievance, individual member assistance and new member involvement.
  • Learning 3% – This area includes conferences, trainings and scholarships.

At the WEA Chinook level portion of your dues are spent as follows:

  • Management 9% – This area includes administrative tasks, building management, Council site-based decision making, Executive Board/Council Meetings, grants, information/data sharing, internal relationship building, liaison program, local leader support, member growth, membership, Outlook, technology, WEALA (WEA Leadership Academy), WEA program delivery and WEA Representative Assembly.
  • Local and Member Advocacy 59% – This area includes coordinated bargaining, developing strong locals, grievance, individual membership intervention, local effectiveness, new member involvement, PERC, probations and retirement.
  • Learning 13% – This area includes assessments, cadre training, certification competencies, district site based decision making, education reform, EALRs, future seeking, inclusion, peer support, school to work and Student WEA.
  • Outreach 8% – This area includes coalition building, community involvement, council outreach, external relationship building and media.
  • Public Policy 6% – This area includes anti-education attacks, initiatives, referenda, levy support, lobbying, PEAC, partisan political elections and school board races.
  • Reserve 5%

At the WEA level portion of your dues are spent as follows:

  • Direct Assistance to Members and Local Associations 40% – Professional assistance to members and affiliates, bargaining assistance, grievance processing, local crisis assistance, UniServ, political, research and communications assistance. On-site organizing assistance to school employees seeking representation rights.
  • Advocacy Programs 27% – Legal assistance to individual members and local associations in defense of their rights; legal support for legally negotiated contracts; publications to members and leaders; assistance in crises, public relations training of leaders, news media activities, and membership recruitment materials; professional seminars, workshops, training programs, minority involvement programs, and women’s programs; assistance to locals in training and professional development; assistance to committees and commissions; representation before legislative and governmental bodies; and cost of informational materials.
  • Organizational Administration 19% – Business operations, including fiscal programs, building costs, personnel management and operations, taxes, central office telephones, utilities, and security; computerized help in bargaining, research, accounting, and membership records; governmental services and professional development; and accounting of membership and dues, mailing lists and labels, enrollment forms, and processing of memberships.
  • Affiliate Services 4% – Specialized collective bargaining support to WEA affiliates; training as it relates to collective bargaining and contact enforcement; crisis assistance; research costs for aiding locals in contracts; salary schedules, and budget analyses; and research on legislative matters.
  • Governance of Association 5% – WEA Representative Assembly, WEA Board of Directors, Executive Committee, officers, NEA convention, committees and commissions, special committees, and task forces.
  • Administration of Association 5% – Executive offices and contingency fund.