Representative Council

The ultimate decision-making body of NTEA is the Representative Council. The Representative Council consists of the elected officers and Building Representatives from each building.

Each building or worksite may have one representative for each twenty (20) NTEA members (NTEA Bylaws: Article IX Representatives). The Representative Council normally meets one Wednesday each month at 4:30 p.m. The meetings are open to all dues-paying members and are usually held at the NTPS Board Room.

Representative Council Meeting Dates

Adopted NBIs, Resolutions & Proclamations

Your NTEA Building Representatives

Aspire Middle School – Richelle Vining-Gonzalez & Jennifer Valera

Chambers Prairie Elementary School – Travis Reep & VACANCY

Chinook Middle School – Holly Berchet-Hall, Mary Robles, & Reid Vasek

District Office/BLC – Joshua Parker, Courtney Owens, & Cora Valadez

Envision Career Academy High School – Michael Dallas

Evergreen Forest Elementary School – Traci Musseter & Ashley Rupp

Horizons Elementary School – Nancy Hall & Nick Soens

Komachin Middle School – Tanya Gautreaux & Sue Koontz

Lacey Elementary School – Jonathan Levy-Wolins & VACANCY

Lakes Elementary School – Colette Hudson & Tesa Manix

Lydia Hawk Elementary School – Heather Byington & Patti Madison

Meadows Elementary School – Rachel McBrayer, Jeremy Blair, & VACANCY

Mountain View Elementary School – Stuart Barnes, Robin Schiaffino, & Michele Zadrow

Nisqually Middle School – Shannon Cassou, Dave Sanford, & Chandawin Srey

North Thurston High – Mindy Atkinson, Walter Kassil, Heath Owens, & Heidi Perry

Olympic View Elementary School – Shawna Myers & Kim Rajcich

Pleasant Glade Elementary School – Gordon Quinlan & VACANCY

River Ridge High School – Jeff Berland, Karl Ostheller, Debby Pattin, & Troy Sparling

Salish Middle School – Debe Anderson & Desi Saylors

Seven Oaks Elementary School – Teresa Wolfe & VACANCY

South Bay Elementary School – Mindy Miller & Jenny Owens

Timberline High School – Eric Canaan, Sharon LaBuda, Kelsi Rees, & Andrew Stacey

Woodland Elementary School – Carey Penn & Justin Thomas

Educators of Color/At-Large Representatives – Joanna Barnes (LHES), Heather Schilling (DO), Adriana Caviedes (NTHS), & Lisa Hanauer-Sutton (NMS)

NTEA Committee Chairs & Liaisons

NTEA Membership Chair – Megan Little

Professional Development Liaisons – Josh Parker (Secondary) & Christine Yorba (Elementary)

Benefits Liaison – Anndi Cook

WEA Chinook UniServ Council Representatives

Ray Nelson, Cheri Kelley, Jonathan Levy-Wolins, Karl Ostheller, Jenny Owens, Carey Penn, Heather Schilling, Andrew Stacey, & Jennifer Van Allen