All Together Now

NTEA Members,

Across the state, WEA is urging each and every educator to contact your lawmakers right now<> to tell them to stay strong for students and support the House education budget.

If we all act, we can make an incredible impact as the regular legislative session comes to a close on April 23. This is not a time to be complacent.

We can’t stop now, and that’s where you come in. We need you to tell your lawmakers we are watching, and we expect them to stay strong for students as budget negotiations continue, and support the House education plan.

When we join together, we can send a powerful message to legislators<>.  Send a message to your lawmakers right now.

Click on these links for more information about the good House Democratic education budget<>, and the reckless Senate Republican budget<>.

Superintendent Deb Clemens, school board member Graeme Sackrison and I have met with several republican legislators during the past couple of weeks, speaking specific to NTPS and the financial impact legislation can have on our district. We need your help!

Please pick up the phone and call, your voice will be recorded and it counts!


Thank you.

Conni Van Hoose, President



Legislators’ Contact information

To contact your legislator see the list below or use WEA’s simple email system found on WEA’s home page at Just click on OurVoice Political Action, click Take Action!, and follow the links.  You may also contact your legislators via the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.

2nd Legislative District

~Sen. Randi Becker          360-786-7602     e-mail:

~Rep. J.T. Wilcox           360-786-7912     e-mail:

~Rep. Andrew Barkis        360-786-7824     e-mail:

20th Legislative District

~Sen. John Braun              360-786-7638     e-mail:

~Rep. Richard DeBolt       360-786-7896     e-mail:

~Rep. Ed Orcutt              360-786-7990     e-mail:

22nd Legislative District

~Sen. Sam Hunt              360-786-7642     e-mail:

~Rep. Beth Doglio           360-786-7992     e-mail:

~Rep. Laurie Dolan          360-786-7640     e-mail:

35th Legislative District

~Sen. Tim Sheldon          360-786-7668     e-mail:

~Rep. Dan Griffey           360-786-7966     e-mail:

~Rep. Drew MacEwen      360-786-7902     e-mail:

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