The TA has been ratified!

The 2019-21 Tentative Agreement ratification vote results are in. Members have ratified the TA – now a two-year agreement with North Thurston Public Schools – with 721 YES votes (97%) and 23 NO votes (3%). Some 72% of the eligible membership took part in voting on the TA.

This affirmative vote by NTEA membership means that the School Board will now make a decision about accepting the Agreement. I think this can happen at next week’s School Board meeting.

Though never perfect nor complete, the Collective Bargaining Agreement you’ve ratified was brought about by your willingness to engage with the process by completing surveys and speaking to your Building Reps and/or members of the Bargaining Team. For those that voted NO or chose not to vote at all and would like to help me understand what could be done to get you to YES the next time round, please give me a call or send me a note, even an anonymous note if you must.  We can’t address problems if we don’t know what they are.

Congratulations, NTEA!

Ray Nelson

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